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The Positive Paddle Experience

Helping underserved youth reach their potential.

The Experience

Positive Paddle targets undeserved youths in need of purposeful life experiences. Our mobile team travels to different communities teaching youths how to build wooden Stand Up Paddleboards.



The building process from start to finish is a multifaceted life experience. The many benefits of this program include:

  • Promotion of a positive personal and social outlook
    Self confidence, self empowerment, group dynamics, goal setting and task completion
  • Exploration of Vocational Options
    Introduction to tools, materials and processes.
    Exposure to design process and carpentry.
  • Support of Creativity and Cultural Artistic Expression
    Different communities have significant connections to wood and water. All boards can be individualized through wood patterns, custom artwork and graphic design.
  • Encouragement of Outdoor Activity
    Introducing a new activity that promotes physical and mental wellness.
  • Introduction of Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Practices
    Environmentally conscious materials and practices used during the building process.


How the Positive Paddle Program Works

The first step is getting in touch!

We’ll take it from there, collaborating on the time and place to hold the program which works for everyone. Then we come to you, fully loaded with all the supplies and tools needed to create the Paddleboards. The program lengths are flexible and can be customized. All of our programs are funded by community grants and local contributions.

Contact Us today, to bring Positive Paddle to your community or group.